Happy Valentines Day….

I don’t know where to start.I don’t even want to think of anything.

I hate this feeling of  trying to reason out so many things,just because Im too scared to face the actual fact that was already in front of me. They always say that things happen for a reason and that not everything is permanent and it applies to everything and everyone with no exceptions. But no one ever said that it also applies to memories,

Its 4:28 in the afternoon, I’m half awake part lost,part hurt,and still partially digesting.and my feet is killing me from those white shoes I wore yesterday in eastwood and in resort world,I practically ended up walking barefoot to the parking lot with the pair of shoes in one hand and heavy heart on the other . Its really funny how things can turn around in a split second,how everything can change with just one move,with just one word,how people can let go and not bother to look back, I wish I can do that. then it would be much more easier.

After a month of intense situations that I doubt people would even understand, I got my track back  and it was much more better than what I had expected, call me lucky but I wasn’t ,the biggest factor why I got my game back on turned things around.I now got myself thinking maybe I should put a big hazard sign on my forehead (a big blinking one with sparkling lights).So that everyone going my way would know.

I now have that awesome job I have been eyeing at,and my sanity…..I guess that can work out just fine .all these things are the ones I cant express. Its as simple as this I can never be fit for anyone without causing damage to the other all because I can never be enough.but it no longer matters now.

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