Goodbye Nana Stella

See I never got to know you really.

I have never seen you as well. So we never got to be really close,, And of all your 80+ years in life we only got to talk a few times.

I reckon you might not even remember me, not unless you see my pictures again.But I found out that you areΒ  to say goodbye to the world.I saw Mom cry about it.. and everytime she mentions it she gets teary eyed. I just wanted to thank you for helping out Mom through the worst things in life.And thank you for being a wonderful sister to her as well, I wished you didn’t feel so much pain for a long time. I don’t know what it feels like but maybe in time I will do.

And when you get there, please say “Hi” to Dad for me.

Goodbye Nana Stella. I just wished i could write more wonderful things about you…

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