The Tounge of Interpretation

I’ve come to notice three of the hardest things to admit is being: in love, wrong, and scared. I don’t know, they just are. I sure hope you’re one of the lucky ones and don’t suffer this handicap as well.

I’ve also noticed that depending on who your talking to, the way you speak changes. Even if its something completely universal or something incredibly personal, the tone or the addressing of whatever statement it may be fluctuates. Which is so very confusing for me. For example, you might have great news about getting a job, while your friend may still be unemployed and is completely embarrassed about it. So obviously you wouldn’t come in with streamers and party favors when you told her you got the job, no that would be saved for your mother who hopefully didn’t begin to think your never going to amount to anything. Oh…wait…but anyway do you see what I mean?

So when I confront someone about something- and let it be clear I HATE confronting so I’m absolutely terrible at it, I usually screw up the tone that I’m supposed to use. Typically the way it comes off is completely off how its supposed to actually sound. And after a many conversations I think its safe to announce I’m not the only one who epically fails at getting their points across. Oh don’t start going off on me that there’s no way you fall under that group of people, because honey you probably do but no ones told you OR you never interpreted it the correct way.

Where is this going? Well. What I suppose I’m trying to spit out is that sometimes we must not be quick to judge a person on their initial statement but apply everything you happen to know about that person and the context it was used in order to better fully understand what he or she meant. Goodness gracious miss molly could I sound anymore text book just now? Ew? All those hours of studying is really starting to infect my brain. Its just I’ve seen too many people get hurt over something someone innocently said. And I’d hate to see it happen to more people

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