It was a Toy Story movie.

So It was a lazy saturday afternoon,after work when we met up and watched the movie, It ran for about an hour and a half and it got pretty dragging in the middle part of the film. But it somehow still gives you the feel good feeling after. I always used to wonder how on earth those toys find their way back to Andy. This time though a few of the previous toys are gone.Bo Peep is no longer in the picture so was the little keyboard as well as the trolls. But at least you still get Rex and Hamm. The movie has evolved so much in the past years and the story became much more than just cartoon. But it was great to see the dedication they had for their kid Andy.Funny as it may seem but they are actually giving us a clear picture of what were all like..Afraid of being left alone,and the reality that we all have our little wars to fight on our own…

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