The Ice Cream chronicles…yummm

For the past few days I have had the roughest time with my tummy. I was always in pain and can stand up straight for more than 30 minutes, I keep on having cramps and spasms.And my kids in class were starting to get pretty worried because they said I no longer had a smile on my face. True enough all I wanted to do was lie in bed with a hot bag in my tummy. Needless to say it was painful….very painful.

So yesterday I couldn’t take it no more. turns out I have ulcer, and I was having a “sumpong”. Now I know why the hot tea trick wouldn’t work.( the hot tea trick always works when you have a bad tummy). So I dragged one of my kids along to drive out to the nearest drug store we could find and get Mallox.(tastes like expired milk). On the drive back I had this massive urge to get Ice Cream, I was kinda thinking maybe the cold creamy stuff could also help soothe the burning feeling in my tummy, So we dropped by the nearest Wendy’s to get the biggest serving of Frosty…(ahhhh the classic chocolate treat….kinda tastes like Sustagen hahahahah ). True enough after taking the meds and eating the whole cup of cold treat the pain slowly went away, and it was all gone before the hour ended.

When I got home I just realized I still had more cravings for Ice Cream, my all time favourite is Vanilla. until I discovered Ben and Jerry’s and all I could say was “HEAVEN”

So what's your favourite Ice cream?

Kinda pricey but worth it.maybe not all the guilt in the calories that goes directly to my hips and ahem…Tummy.but what the heck. Of course there will come a time that another new amazing cold creamy discovery may come by and might tickle my taste buds. But then again it really don’t matter much, As long as it tastes great, Ice cream and I have been through some times that I guess pretty much some can relate to. There was a time that I was so lost and thoughtless and sad Ice cream was there beside me. There was also the girls night out with Ice cream…the movie marathon with the gang, and the date in the swing of the park with and old flame and of course Ice cream,  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥… sometimes all we actually need is a sweet cold creamy companion to keep us happy…

So tell me what’s your favourite Ice cream story  ♥

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