A different path

When I was a little girl, I used to take ballet classes, As far as I can remember I would always go straight after school dismissal. I remember all the little girls I used to go to class with, we would all greet each other in the dressing room and would all be so excited to put on our little tights and leotards, and of course those  ballet shoes

I stopped dancing when I was around 9 or 10,And from the moment I stopped I never saw anything that was associated to my dance classes. It was like everything I had all of the sudden disappeared when I stopped dancing. I never got to say goodbye to my teachers, or my classmates and there were times when I would always think “what if I never stopped?” . These thoughts did not even cross my mind not until a workmate shared that he used to work for a local dance institution and that he will be going back to pursue dancing, I remember him telling me stories of how life was like when he was still dancing, and how much he wanted to go back…And he did go back, You cannot take the smile off his face whenever he talks about his life when he was dancing and how it makes him feel complete.(Em if you’re reading this yes this is you) And every time he tells me his stories I could all of the sudden remember the feeling, I could all of the sudden remember the smell of the rehearsal room, the mirror and the bars of the dance hall the colours of the walls in the locker rooms and the  people who were there. Everything seems to come back in vivid colour,

I always got to wear the pointe toe shoes, while the other little girls in the class had to wear the soft shoes,But i never was allowed to wear tutu’s because my teacher said my hair was too short.( I used to have my hair cut 3×3 just like a boy). I loved recitals, I loved the costumes,I loved the music and the dancing, I loved watching the grown- up ballerina’s dance. I still do, What if I never stopped? Who would I be now? what path would I have taken? Would Alegria still be as cool as it was before? Would Sophia Zobel still be as nice as she was? and would my feet turn all the more like a Luya??

I don’t really know, But I don’t regret it at all. I’m just really thankful that at some part of my life I had the chance to understand and know the feeling of slipping in those pair of shoes and  moving nothing more but grace and music. I was a little girl back then but it was all amazing.

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