The exit row.

So recently I had to hop to a plane for a trip to Cebu. and I sat at the exit row since it had more leg space. (according to Bong) and it actually did. So I was able to stretch my short legs out during the hour-long flight. Before the plane departed the usual flight instructions were given: where to find the oxygen mask,what to do during a water landing, how to wear the life jacket, where to find it and how to open the emergency exit door.

first of all the exit door is heavy. so obviously I  cannot open the door and won’t be able to save lives, So I guess it was not such a good idea for them to let me sit at the exit row. But then again what the heck, as long as the flight was comfy I guess everything is fine.I guess

The last time you rode a plane was it comfy?? …

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