The Penoy vs Balot

The perfect sample of katangahan 101-  recently during one of my overtime sessions in the office I had the oddest conversation set with our recruitment team…Anton especially. And it was all about the balot vs the penoy.I kept insisting that penoy is balot,only cooked a chicken egg.They all said “NO” in unison. However being  “me” I still insisted that it was the same as hard boiled egg.

So it came to the point that they had to explain to me why it was not the same.Turns out Penoy is yes hard-boiled egg but hard-boiled “duck egg” not chicken egg….so my perception of Penoy has long made me think that it is the same as hard-boiled chicken egg,only cooked differently kasi may sabaw.

So finally the difference is as follows.Balot is made from duck egg which is already a chick that just didn’t get developed.,and penoy is made from duck egg”not with the chick yet” just cooked like a hard-boiled egg.

Then again will you eat such delicacy if you see that little duck chick say hello to you??? ewwwwwwww

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