Death By Chocolate – Anton Version

Yes this is another one of those entries… – I think I should make a category especially for him and his food.Ah I shall create the ANTON FILES……

It is official THE ANTON FILES IS NOW ACTIVE.ahahahaahhahhahahah.

So anyway today I came in expecting that they left me PASTA..which they did not but as they would put it meron pakong consuelo de bobo…they left some chocolte concoction for me,Im not sure if i should call it chocolate syrup,sauce,icing,fondue or pudding…All I could say was YUMM,so i took the whole damn tupperware and brought it to my class,everyone had the same reaction.One of my kids felt as if the tub of chocolate was calling him….(halatang may sapak ata cya…mana sa akin.) i could just imagine what the hell would happen to me if i ate the same damn concoction every single day… Its plus 10 pounds weekly.In a few short months im sure to go even more overweight and die in my sleep. So my current double chin will be a double-double chin.geeezzzzz.

And while I was writing this entry I all of the sudden remembered the one tub of chocolate fondue that I could never ever forget.I thought it was the coolest thing on earth.

Its chocolate fondue in a clay pot that you can just heat,and the packaging was so nice,they even had it in few variations,Like some mixed with rum or with mint or even those specially made for fruits. I personally like fondue with pears.

See all of this is making me more gutom.and antok……..naman.

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