F*** you……

I always thought that Lily Allen was awesome.

And because she was awesome I have her whole album in my warpod. So i had this idea of playing it in the office, true to my thought I made heads turn and eyebrows raise, because her song says F*** you…….ok no need for the bleeping symbols because the song says FUCK YOU the whole time.

They always said that saying the “F” word or throwing the finger was inappropriate, well yes they were right it is inappropriate but there are times that I say YES YOU CAN THROW THE FINGER OR DROP THE F BOMB.

Like the following scenarios :

1. If you have a highly irritating neighbor that could not keep their mouths shut about what they just found out about your other neighbor.

2. If you have a work mate that bugs you every single day about the things that are totally useless.

3.If you are stuck in traffic, 2 hours late,and get cut several times by the same red car just because they want to cut you off the lane because they have a brand new spankin’ car. (asshole)

4.If you are in a club or bar and you are stalked by an old,ugly,stinky person who follows you absolutely everywhere.

5.If you are talking to some racist..who is small-minded.

I really can’t think of any other situation which properly calls for the action however sometimes its just fun to just let the finger out,I mean some people use it as an expression don’t they? If you have any other idea as to when it is proper please let me know and we can discuss things further.. 🙂

But seriously I still think Lily Allen is awesome….


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