Its official..I have the MIDAS touch

So I just lost a phone at work. The camera never saw it..And I have pictures of me in danger.(not like I posed nude or anything because I have not.) But because I have contacts as well as some other things I lost.

but have you ever thought about those things that you have gained??? like for example something so weird you don’t even know how the hell it started.

So Anton gives me a reading of cards at work,guess what….Im going to have a boyfriend.The only problem is that he definitely wont be 100% pure guy…he might be 50 % girl too…ahh nuts!

So what am i supposed to miss now?

like really????……  -_-

Then I start to realize its true.I have the freakin “Midas Touch” but I don’t turn things into gold. I turn guys to girls….I guess. So YES IT WAS HORRIDLY FUNNY even just to think about it it’s still the same. It’s not like when guys like me it’s just because if they are not sure if they want a girl or a boy or both.(hmmmmmmmmm so am I a person who can give answers to such mind-boggling questions??) and so how could one person convert people to turn away from their sexuality. but hey who am I to say this when 90%of my friends are bisexual and I’m all super super proud of them and I love them all the same, so I guess it just has to be one of those weird stuff that happens to people every now and then.So i think I will just have to wait until it happens. If it ever does.hahahahahaha.but if it does it pretty much will be the same as normal.(normal is everything awesomely  extraordinary)

I think I better consult those cards one more time…but for now I really don’t  mind having that “midas touch” regardless if it’s really official or not . It could be just like eating strawberries on any normal day.yummmmmm

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