One of those days.82310

So I woke up to the sound of the evening news on tv.

Apparently some ex-cop went crazy and held a few hostages just because he wanted to redress his issue and wanted his job back.I was so stuck to the tube that I almost was late for work, I mean how could he be sooooooo dumb.

This is just one ofย  those days that I’m not totally sure ifย  I’m proud of being a citizen.Hey I am not a hypocrite to say I am 100% proud of where this country stands now,but I definitely will not be proud if I see things as horrid as this.

I always watch CSI,NCIS and those detective themed shows, But I have to say the way they move in the so-called “ASSULT TEAM” is much more “idiotic” than I have expected.The moment the bus driver escaped it took them 10 damn minutes before they even started to move and take note that they were not even sure of what they were going to do.IT WAS ALL SEEN LIVE ON TV…THE WHOLE WORLD SAW HOW BAD THE LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE PHILIPPINES WAS, They all saw that there was something greatly wrong with it.So tell me how can you trust your life to the law if they act as such……USELESS….

It all ended as expected.8 dead including the “evil one”

so many lives now officially scarred all because of greed of one that was dethroned from the spotlight….

Condolences to all the families involved.everything will never be the same again.


There are a whole lot more of those “evil ones”……..

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