Late night hang-ups

for the past week I have been constantly praying ” Lord Have Mercy ” and so far he has still showed me grace.Even if I have gained weight, like seriously. As of the moment I am still awaiting answers as to what my class status will be however I can never say things enough for sure. So here I am around 2 in the morning at my brother’s house watching project runway,planning for an event and eating cake bread,coffee and coke ZERO. ( i still hate the after taste of the aspartame.) And the only thing that goes through my mind is that no matter how stressed I am and how disappointed I am It does not take so much to cheer me up.

I got another reading from Anton after my class yesterday. The gay figure is still prominent and I have nothing against it. Well I have no questions about it any further but there was one thing that caught my attention greatly.The presence of an IMPOTENT AGED MALE” in my future….OMFG…..what in the word would that mean.

OMFG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I could just scream.

So anyway I am still figuring things out and how I should make my decisions and not everything is going to be sweet.Because at the end of the day whatever happens tomorrow depends on how I decide how today will be.But for now I will settle for late night coffee cups and good company.

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