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I have always been fascinated by urban legends. I don’t know why but they never fail to capture one’s imagination leaving a burning question in our minds whether or not there’s truth behind them. What are Urban Legends? Urban legends are popular stories alleged to be true which spread from person to person via oral or written communication (e.g., fax or email). Typically, said stories concern outlandish, humiliating, humorous, terrifying, or supernatural events — events which, in the telling, always happened to someone else. Here are some urban legends that I’ve came upon while surfing the web Six incredible and even preposterous urban legends on local celebrities:

1. Snake Charmer First heard: Late ’80s.

The lowdown: Robina Gokongwei has a twin, a giant serpent, whose secret lair is located beneath Robinson’s Galleria. When it’s time to feed the snake, a trapdoor opens in one of the Galleria’s fitting rooms, sending one unlucky shopper down through a maze of pipes and into the snake-pit. One day, Alice Dixon was in the wrong fitting room at the wrong time. Lucky for her, the serpent fell in love with her and decided to let her go.

 Truth factor: As likely as Alice resurrecting her career.

2. Lightbulb Moment First heard: Late ’80s.

The lowdown: Richard Gomez is Jaime Zobel de Ayala’s paid lover. In the course of one intercourse, Zobel shoved a light-bulb up Goma’s rectum because he’s that kinky. Unfortunately, the glass broke and poor Goma had to be rushed to the emergency room.

 Truth factor: C’mon. Zobel, with all his riches, can afford to buy a titanium dildo. You actually think he’d use some cheap store-bought bulb?

 3. The Elevator Incident First heard: Early-to-mid ’00s.

The lowdown: Ting. Elevator door opens. In walks Gretchen Baretto, also known to her family as Satan, and her entourage of yayas and bodyguards. Another woman enters the elevator right after her. Deeming the woman unfit to be sharing the same space as her (and her Bulgari jewels), La Gretta proclaimed, “please tell this woman to get off my elevator”, to which the woman retorted, “please tell this woman to get off my building.” It turns out that the woman is Mrs. Yuchencho, a member of the clan who owns RCBC plaza. Exit la Gretta.

Truth factor: Smoke, fire, you know the cliche. Plus, she doesn’t really hide the fact that she’s an uber-*****.

4. Miss Hooker World First heard: Mid ’90s.

The lowdown: Ruffa Gutierrez may have lost the prized Miss World crown in 1993, but her exposure in that pageant helped turn her into a globe-trotting, world-class prostitute. With her mom as pimp, Ruffa snagged high-paying clients and eventually, settled down with Turkish mobster, Ylmaz Bektas.

Truth factor: You know there’s a little truth to it when the source is your distinguished law professor.

 5. Pinay Winona Ryder First heard: Mid ’00s.

The lowdown: Pretty, fair and demure Lucy Torres is a shoplifting freak. Her thievery has escalated to the point that she can’t shop without being followed by an assistant who pays for every item she’s lifted. A security camera at Rustan’s captured Lucy doing the Winona hand-trick and the footage found its way to the desk of Karen Davila. The Kapamilya station agreed not to air the video in exchange for unknown favors from Goma.

 Truth factor: There’s something quite off with Lucy. Maybe this is it?

 6. Death in Dos Palmas First heard: 2002

The lowdown: On March 29, 2002, at the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan, bedimpled matinee idol Rico Yan, now Saint Rico, died due to “cardiac arrest following a rupture of the pancreas.” Those in the know, however, claim that Rico overdosed with a cocktail of illegal drugs and that on the night of his death, Rico banged a hooker who was delivered and paid for by his dear friends, Dominic Ochoa and Jana Victoria.

 Truth factor: Isn’t it a little strange that they didn’t release his autopsy report? Hmm.

Eto nabasa ko sa baguio daw nangyari Perfecto Bldg., Saint Louis University, Baguio City. I was an Engineering student back in 1998, back then our Drawing Lab is at the ground floor of the said bldg, and me and my friends love going to the 5th or 6th flr (not sure exactly) since we love checking out those cute Bio studes. One day in July (a dark and stormy season), we went up at around 6pm or 7pm waiting for the last subject to end. There was a pale-looking male student sitted on the floor in the corridor reading a textbook. We thought he’s waiting for a friend. While waiting for the bell to ring, we decided to go to the balcony and smoke (yes, we could smoke back then). The corridor has a direct line of sight from where we stationed, and to our surprise, that student vanished. Not vanish-vanished, but slowly. Seems like his body slowly turned to smoke while retaining the figure and slowwwwlllyyy disappeared. Me and my 2 friends were shocked, no one moved nor spoke for 5mins. That was the longest 5mins of our lives. We’re scared shitless but managed to muster enough courage to check on him. No trace was found… except that the marble floor, where he’s sitted at, is still warm. I was a changed man after that incident

! Eto interesting din Another Marcos Urban Legend na laging pinanakot sa mga bata When the San Juanico Bridge (which was renamed Marcos Bridge and then back again),

 the longest bridge in the Philippines was under construction, there was a rash kidnappings in the Samar-Leyte region. The explanation: Then first lady Imelda Marcos was in charge of the building. She consulted a “manghuhula” who said that the bridge would never be finished unless the blood of children be let drop on it. So Imelda ordered the kidnappings of children and slit their thoat to drench the unfinished bridge. Their bodies were disposed unto the river. A mermaid or diwate who resided in the river saw the plight of the children and was saddened by it. She cursed Imelda. So the first lady grew scales on her legs and she smelled fishy. That was why she wore long skirts and bathe as often as possible.

 KFC Urban Legend

 How about the story of KFC? I heared this from a friend talaga nung na-involve, they bought one bucket of Chiken in KFC and dinala nila sa sinehan. During the movie (simpre madilim nun) they opened the bucket, and it smelled funny, nung binite niya yung chicken, muntik na siyang ma-suka dahil sa nalasahan niya so he rushed to the comfort room carrying the bucket to take a look… nakita nila na breaded rat pala yung nakagat niya

 QCMC Urban Legend The Medical Student Who Became Deranged.

 A group of medical students decided to play a harmless prank on their easily-frightened classmate. They planned a special study session to be held in the cadaver room with their intended victim. When the girl arrived for the session and found no one in the cadaver room, she thought she was too early and decided to read her notes. The rest of her group mates were actually hiding and they switched the lights off. The girl screamed and screamed to no avail and then she stopped. After a while the pranksters began to wonder what happened. Upon turning the lights on, they were shocked to see their hapless classmate gnawing on a piece of the cadaver.

 Boracay Worms.

This is told by city-dwellers who know someone who vacationed in the famous resort island. It tells not to lay on the sands for too long lest tiny worms infesting the sugary-white sands of Boracay burrow into your skin and multiply. An acquaintance told me that a friend of her relative went to Boracay and returned with rashes. Worms were extracted from these rashes. The worms had widely spread that they fell from her ears when she tilted her head!

 Itong dalawa medyo creepy I know two stories. the first one was told to me when i was still in gradeschool the other college na ako. the first one was about the dorm in ateneo. they were roomates. the other one was getting ready for a party, the other one was getting ready to sleep. so the guy went out their room closing the lights. when he reached the parking area, he realized that he forgot his keys so he went back to get it. he didn’t opened the lights anymore since he know where he placed it and he does not want to disturb his roomate. after the party, while he was driving back to his dorm, he noticed that there was an ambulance following him and some police cars too. as soon as he entered the grounds of ateneo, the ambulance was still tailing him. when he reached his dorm, there were many people sorrounding his room. his roomate was murdered, his body dismembered and on mirror was a note in blood “thank you for not opening the lights”

the second was told by a friend of mine living in 14th street. she said there were two reporters who were invited to a party in a house somewhere in new manila. they went there and partied the whole night. they met “persons” that are said to be members of prominant families. these persons that they met told them to publicized their businesses.they also gave them their contact #. so the next day, they tried to contact them but they couldn’t because it was a wrong #. so they researched them. then they later found out that all the people in the party were dead for a long time

 Ito isa sa mga sikat na UP Urban Legends Favorite ko yung number one

1. Di ba sa UP Diliman maraming mga nagboboard diyan na mga estudyante? Ang unang kuwento ko ay tungkol sa isang estudyante doon na napaglaruan ng isang multo. Bale kinuwento lang sa akin ito. Taga- UP Manila ako pero nakarating sa akin ito through grapevine. Minsan daw, naisip daw ng isang estudyante doon na bago pumasok ay medyo magpapawis muna kaya napagpasyahan niya na mag-jogging muna sa sementadong gilid ng sunken garden. So di ba paikot yun? Madaling araw yun kaya medyo madilim at malamig. So maya-maya, napansin niyang meron siyang kasamang nagjojogging. Hindi niya tinitignan kung sino yun basta alam niya naka-all white yung kasama niya. Nagsimula siyang magtaka nang napapansin medyo bumibilis ang takbo ng kasama niya kasi ilang beses na siyang nilalagpasan nito. Pagod na pagod na siya pero yung kasama niya parang di pa rin pagod. Sabi niya sa sarili niya, aabangan niya yung kasama niyang nakaputi at kikilalanin kung sino kapag nilagpasan siya uli nito. Sa madaling salita, nilagpasan siya uli at nakita niyang hindi tao ang kasama niya dahil ito’y lumulutang sa hangin. So dahil sa takot, naupo ang estudyante sa damuhan at nag-pray na lang ng Our Father ng nakapikit. Tapos nung dumilat na siya, bigla na lang niyang nakita yung multo ng face-to-face. At may sinabi pa! Alam nyo kung ano? “Our Father…”with matching bulging eyes and menacing expression, katakot no? Dahil doon di nakapasok yung estudyante ng isang linggo dahil sa shock. Di pa nga daw makakauwi yung kung walang nakakita sa kanyang kabordmate niya na nakatulala sa may gilid ng sunken garden.

 2. Itong susunod kong kuwento ay sa UP Dil din nangyari. Sa may Engineering Building, 2nd floor daw ito kung saan may isang estudyante ay nahuli sa paglabas ng building kasi may naiwan siyang gamit sa isang kuwarto doon at binalikan niya. Dahil sa mga 8 o’clock na raw yun, sarado na yung kuwarto at medyo madilim na. Hinahanap niya yung guwardiya na maaring may tangan nung susi ng kuwarto pero di niya ito makita. So nag-decide siya na kinabukasan na lang niya balikan, aagahan na lang niya ang punta doon sa building dahil importante ang nasa gamit niyang iyon at baka may makakuha pang iba. So naglalakad siya sa Corridor sa 2nd floor nang may nakita siyang isang babaeng naglalakad sa labas ng building. Tinignan niya kung kakilala niya ito pero hindi so inignore na lang niya. Nang nasa 1st floor na siya tsaka niya naisip na paanong nangyaring may naglalakad sa labas ng building, eh nasa 2nd floor siya. So ibig sabihin nun, nakalutang yung babae kanina! Tsaka siya tumakbo ng matulin paalis sa building.

 3. For a change, sa UP Mnla CAS nangyari itong susunod kong kuwento. Sa kaklase ko ito nangyari sa may corridor ng Rizal Hall sa second floor. Sa dulo kasi ng corridor doon, may mga lockers. Pero bago mo matunton ang mga lockers, dadaan ka sa 4 na kuwarto doon. So nasa gate na sila ng gf niya ng maalala niya na naiwan niya yung lab manual sa locker niya siya 2nd floor so sinabi niya sa gf niya na hintayin siya at kukunin niya ito. So nung paakayat na siya sa hagdan, medyo nakaramdam na siya ng kakaibang lamig sa may c.r. pa lang lagpas ng CAS library. So nung tinutunton na niya yung corridor passing the 4 rooms, unti-unting bumubukas yung mga pinto ng mga nakasarang kuwarto simultaneously. Dahil sa famous ang floor na yun sa mga kababalaghan, nagmadali siyang maglakad patungo sa lockers, kinuha ang kailangan at patakbo niyang tinunton ang corridor. Pero alam nyo ba guys, habang nilalagpasan niya ang mga kuwartong iyon, muling sumara ang mga pinto simultaneously. Nyaaahhhh.

 The White Wall Urban Legend Sa Ft. Bonifacio ay may makikita kang puting pader. Kung ikaw ay galing ng Forbes o The Fort at papasok ka ng Ft. Boni ay nasa bandang kaliwa ito, pagkalampas mo ng entrance gate (o gate 2 kung tawagin nila). Pag tiningnan mong mabuti yung pader ay mayroong tatlong rectangle, yung tipong sinira tapos sinimento ulit. Sabi sa mga kwento ay meron daw mag-iina na nasagasaan malapit doon at walang nag claim kaya doon nalang sila nilibing. Bago nagbukas ang C-5 para sa publiko ay madalas daw nagpapakita ang mag-iina na tumatawid. Dahil sa madilim ang kalsada doon (hanggang ngayon naman eh) ay hindi agad ito nakikita ng mga driver at sa pag iwas ay sila ang naaaksidente. Sabi ng iba ay bumusina daw kapag dadaan sa mga ganitong klaseng kalsada upang ipaalam na ikaw ay makikidaan. Totoo kaya ito?

 Last Update ko for tonight

 Worms inside Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles This issue came about at the height of the cola wars. There have been reports of foreign objects inside cola bottles. Most of them worms.

Hypnotism and shoplifting This issue came about at the late 80′s. I remember it vaguely. I know that there is this some guy who hypnotizes unsuspecting people, mostly women, and ask them to do some stuff, usually stealing.

Manananggal in Manila This issue even spawned an episode in the movie trilogy “Shake, Rattle and Roll”. I remember my neighbors hanging lots of garlic in all possible entries in their houses. Talk about paranoia. There are even reports that some manananggal got entangled with a TV antenna in Tondo.

 Satanistas When I heard this when Iwas in elementary, it scared the wits out if me. Do you remember them. Rhey are said to be clad in black outfit and kidnap kids to be offered to Mephisto himself! I don’t know, but I think it was just the beginnings if kidnap for ransom gangs.

 Fried rats at KFC I heard this story thousands of times. I guess you have too. It is alwys an experience of a friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s neighbor. It has spawned other urban legends too like ****roach at chicharons, human thumb at Jollibee spaghetti All schools are haunted There’s always a headless priest looking for his lost head, a sex starved nun looking for a first time, some student raped and looking for justice or a Japanese soldier looking for Americans. You school could either be an ex-cemetery, ex-garrison, ex-crime scene or ex-

The Giant Snake of Robinson’s Galleria The said snake is supposed to be a son of the owner of the mall. His den was under the ladies’ fiiting room which is a trapdoor to catch food for the snake. One of the more famous victim was Alice Dixson.

Poisoned smokers This is something new. When someone borrows your lighted cigarette to light his, he puts a poison-filled pellet at the tip of the filter. I herad this at FEU.

 Jose Rizal is “Gay” Is there ahistorical basis for this???

 Yet Another UP Urban Legend Sa UP daw, (either los banos or Diliman, I forget which) may stude that went for an early morning drive. They found his body that morning, a few feet from the car that had run out of gas and had thousands (eh, possible ba ito? baka naman hundreds) of kilometers added to the odometer. The stude had apparently starved to death. ang story? sabi nila parang na-twilight zone daw ang studyanteng hindi pinagpala, and he ended up wandering around and around the campus, without ever finding its way back

 Here’s the catch: today, if you happen to wander around that particular campus around daybreak, you may encounter the little red car (it was a Volxwagon)…with a desperate student driver who’ll ask you for directions back to the dorm More random Urban Myths circulating at the web Seen at: Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater Claim to fame: If Poveda has an Ursula, the UP theater department has Marita. She was a theater actress. In her last scene, she was lowered to the stage via a harness. When it snapped, she was choked and died. She sometimes appears in theater productions when there are lots of cast members in one scene. Once she was branded a bad actress when everybody on stage was running while she was just walking.

MYSTERY LADY NO. 1 Seen at: Sunken Garden The story: A couple was making out in a car parked near the Sunken Garden (where else) while their barkada were looking out for guards. In the middle of the Sunken Garden, a girl appeared, teasing some of them and doing provocative acts. As they followed the girl, they were led to the couple’s car. The flirtatious girl vanished. The guy inside the car cried because, according to him, in the middle of their necking, a strange voice kept saying: “Anong ginagawa n’yo? Anong ginagawa n’yo? Anong ginagawa n’yo? (What are you doing?)” DEAD ROOMMATE Seen at: Kalayaan residence The story: It was the onset of sem break. While a resident was still packing her bag, her roommate was ready to go. Since the former wasn’t done yet, the latter went ahead. Then the roommate’s parents came in looking for her. The resident told them that she already left. When the resident was about to finish her packing, she opened the closet and saw her roommate inside–already decomposing.

 MYSTERY LADY NO. 2 Seen at: Vinzons Hall (second-floor comfort room) The story: A student was sitting in the toilet when he felt someone was patting or smoothing his head. When he looked up, a girl, hanging from the ceiling, was staring at him straight in the eye.

THE DISAPPEARING COMMUTERS Seen at: One of the jeepneys plying the campus (sorry, I don’t know the plate number, etc.) The story: A guy made sabit at the end of the jeepney because it was full of passengers. After a few minutes, the driver curiously asked him why he wasn’t taking a seat. As the guy was about to say that all the seats were taken, he saw that the jeepney was empty. Pahabol pa: Ikot Jeep incident #2: Nag-iisa na lang yung girl sa jeep nung pauwi na *** sa dorm ng 9pm. Nagulat *** ng biglang nag-iba yung direction ng jeep, di na nito sinusunod yung route nito. Nakiusap siya: “Manong, bababa po ako sa ***** dorm,” pero di *** pinansin ng driver. Nang bumalik ito sa ikot route, nakiusap ulit yung girl. So pinababa nga *** sa may dorm, pero bago *** bumaba cnabihan *** ng driver: “Ineng, pag-uwi mo hubarin mo agad yang mga damit mo at kung pwede sunugin mo agad. Iniba ko yung ruta para makaiwas sa disgrasya. Kanina kasi pagtingin ko sa salamin, wala kang ulo.”

 Ito yung nabasa ko dati tungkol kay jose rizal mga pafs When I was in Singapore, I red this book about the Biography of Adolf Hitler, and in one chapter(I don’t remember the chapter number), the grandmother of Adolf ( to his father side) was inpregnated by a ‘certain man’ (very vague details)whose lodging to an austrian family. This family was believe to be a jew family living in Austria( BLUMMENTRIT’s family is living at that time in Austria and I’m not sure wheter they are Jewish in one way or another). Adolf’s grandmother (due to poverty) worked as a housemaid to this family. Adolf has developed ill feeling towards t his biological father(another story) which adolf believe to be has a jewish blood, that’s one reason why Adolf hate Jews and the rest is history..

Here’s another one… C-5 cuts across a lot of places to get to South Super Highway. Among the places that it goes nearby are the American Memorial (this really nice place that filled with crosses since scores of American soldiers who died during the war are buried there) and the Libingan ng mga Bayani (still another resting place for soldiers). Anyway, someone told me that there was this time when traffic was blocked up along C-5 in the stretch between that last Makati exit (yung may Heritage Memorial Park) and the flyover that leads into the expressway. Why? Because there was a whole ARMY of ghosts that was crossing C-5. They were matching by platoon and in step pa raw…

Eto another Marcos Urban Legend Meron din akong narinig, ito less creepy, actually kwento ng lola ko sa ‘kin, si Bong Bong Marcos daw patay na talaga. When he was studying daw in London, a group of students killed him (hindi ko alam ang reason). The Bong Bong Marcos daw that we see today, is actually a cousin at pina-plastic surgery daw siya to look exactly like his dead cousin. Share. Forum Ghost (Got this from another forum. Apparently marami sa kanila ang naniniwala dito) Sabi nila, may isang (Insert Forum here) dito na multo. totoo kaya yon? basta reply daw siya ng reply pero hindi naman sya existing. i mean wala sya human form. minsan nga, nakikipag eyeball pa to … tas ang kwento, yung mga nakaka-eyeball nya e nawawala na sa pagkatapos nilang mag eyeball. meron din kwento na nakikipag pm sya. tas ang sinasabi nya sa pm e mga ganitong message :… tulungan nyo ko … samahan mo ako dito, malungkot ako … magkikita din tayo … hmmmm …… ewan ko lang kung totoo pero may nag kwento lang sa kin e … sabi nya, post ko daw dito sa urban legends.

More Urban Legends to satisfy those dark cravings

1.) Beggars who splash acid in the faces of those who do not give alms.

2.) The Cursed Tree in the center of the road, Project 2 (or was it project 3?) Those who try to chopped it off, die a horrible death, like that guy whose chainsaw just fell on him. They made an island specially for it.

3.) Body pieces in coke, or insects in the coke bottle. Well, this one is true. We actually found a dead roach in an unopened bottle of coke. Since, back in gradeschool we had a fieldtrip in the coke plant, it’s not surprising how insects manage to fall unoticed and their cleaning process of the bottles is just rinsing. Sheesh. Good thing, I don’t like softdrinks.

Manunundo 1. ito kuwento sa akin ng Tita ko na ate ni Erpats.. nung gabi daw kase narinig niya si Lolo na may kausap sa kwarto niya.. bed ridden na lolo ko and that was mga 2-3am.. parang kausap daw niya yung patay niyang asawa na lola ko tsaka yung kapatid daw niya na deads narin.. parang isinasama daw siya.. pero hindi pinansin ni Tita kaya natulog siya ulit.. tapos kinaumagahan nung maghahatid na daw siya ng pagkain para kay lolo ayun malamig na siya..

 2. ito naman kuwento ng Tito ko na Pinsan ni Ermats.. kase one time daw sa Bicol may naghihingalong matanda.. tapos sabi daw nung isang kaibigan niya punta daw sila sa likod ng bahay kase daw nandun nga yung manunundo para daw maagapan yung kamatayan nung matanda.. kase daw kapag naagaw mo yung parang garapon na kinalalagyan nung kaluluwa nung matanda babalik daw sa katawan niya.. ayun nakita nga nila yung black figure kaya hinabol nila.. sa kasamaang palad sobrang bilis daw tuamkbo.. isang hakbang daw nila sampung hakbang ni kaibigang nakaitim..

Why there are no mirrors in St. Paul QC Sabi nila kaya daw walang mirrors sa St. Paul Qc dahil sobrang dami na daw ng cases na may nakakakita daw ng batang babae na naka old st paul uniform na umiiyak na puro dugo ang mukha sa mga mirrors sa comfort rooms. It was so bad that they later decided to remove all the mirrors to avoid the massive scare that’s plaguing the campus

The Ghost Call This happened this 2002 lang. My friend gave me this number to me (cell number) sabi nya tawagan ko daw e kasagsagan pa ng drop call yung time na yun..ako naman..tinawagan ko yung number nagring siya tapos this guy picked up and started shouting like hell.. i asked my friend where the hell did she get that number tapos sabi nya she got it daw sa rX 93.1 halloween ng time na yun may girl daw na nagkwento about that number. Ang kwento daw nung number na yun e..may baklang iniwan ata ng boyfriend nya tapos super depressed daw yung bading nagpakamatay ..i cant remember kung nung nilibing siya e..ka-akap nya yung cellphone nya..i dunno if this is true.. pero pag naalala ko yung voice ng lalake..shocks..tumataas talaga balahibo ko

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