GCM : Life, Style , Photography

So I did mention that I will be making another post about this team. ( Since I do not think its appropriate that I put them together with an entry that has a “it-directly points- to this person title” )

I worked with this group mid-2009 when I used to work with an events crew. ( the team has already dissolved and each had  move on to separate ways .) they were our on- shoot partners. I first met Fur the head of the team on the very day of the event, from then on the rest is history. They were so easy to work with, I also got the chance to meet and work with Magic, Kelly, and Villy  Fur’s other partners who are also photographers. There was also the Sam and Abby the gorgeous twins that handles the events fraction of the team.

 Even if I no longer do events I still am in touch with them every now and then. There was NEVER a time that we had any complaints about how they work and post the shots that was taken.Always expect the pictures to be posted within the next 48 hours or less.

They specialize on working with events and concerts, they have done coverage for and press cons of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake , PCD , Usher , just to name a few.

They also have some creations that were featured in the newspaper like Magic’s shots of  Rain (the korean singer with a mean set of abs) .Another fact about this team is that they also know how to give back to the community. Last September just after the dreaded Ondoy typhoon they went out to do an Outreach Operation for those who were struck by the typhoon

Never mind the enormous amount of mud and dirt,(it was all caught in the pictures)  I was pretty sure that they all were able to have a good night’s rest after helping out a lot of people. The crew (and I will say this again and again) is a bunch of amazingly talented people, That produces amazing shots they do have a distinct style in their photos you will see the difference when you compare them with other photos. They make that captured moment seem to come alive, If you need a team to work on your event (fashion,corporate,launch, etc.) and you want great results Gate Crash Manila serves.

For more details about this amazing crew:

Fur Javier
Gate Crash Manila
Telephone Number: 215-5204
Mobile Number: +63917-8389260
Email: info@gatecrashmanila.com

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