So I suddenly started to talk about Love..(oh come on.)

So, I just began to wonder…what is love? How do we define love. I looked it up on the internet to see what other people say about it. I realize that Love is too broad of a term because there are many different kinds of Love: friendship, brotherly love, love of a parent, love of a child, love of a spouse, love for your neighbor…etc. I believe that many of us don’t understand exactly that there are different kinds of Love out there besides romantic love with the small affections and sweetness and stuff. Actually, I kind of detest romantic love. I find it very shallow at times and I get the feeling that it’s like a drug that makes you feel high but it’s not exactly the real thing. It’s almost like people are faking “sweetness” when they are in some sort of relationship like that. Showing affection for the sake of showing affection. Then again, I can’t say because I never have had that kind of relationship before. All I’ve observed is people colliding with each other and then say how they are so in love with each other and then part in different directions after impact. Like comets. I feel like too much is placed on the high and the affections and not enough on wisdom when it comes to expressing Love. For me, I define love as the Inspiration to create something for the sake of the joy, the Inspiration that compels us to act out of Compassion for others. It’s the innate expression of joy inside of us.


When we are not able to express that, it hurts. We got stifled and depressed. Perhaps this expression is often misunderstood by many young people because I have observed that they tend to be pretty sloppy and make a mess everywhere when trying to find Love. Perhaps we are putting too much emphasis on romantic love. Perhaps we should look for all kinds of love and not just focus on one kind of love to fulfill everything in our lives.

There are six things that will blind you, yea seven that will keep you in the dark.  What you can’t see about people, relationships, and situations is hidden behind the following:

1. Love

2. Familiarity

3. Incorrect self-image

4. Dependence

5. Gifts

6. Trust

7. Pride

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