Amichi is Love :)

Last Tuesday I had dinner with a few great people I work with. We all then decided to have dinner at Amichi.

Inside Amichi was Caramia,A dessert shop that serves amazing gelato. All I know is gelato is ice cream I’m not really sure if there is some sort of difference with it.True enough we all had a scoop of gelato after the heavy dinner. We de just decided to settle for pasta and pizza (carb load…CARRRRRBBBBBB LLLLOOOAAADD) we then ended up with 4 pizza and 2 huge platesΒ  of Spinach pasta. But then we learned that they served BEER!! so it was pizza+pasta+beer+gelato= huge belly and love πŸ™‚

The funny thing there was Anton, who is the resident food guru and food consumer (who like eats every hour!) couldn’t decide on what to order he stated that I choose to be “diplomatic” when I am eating with friends. πŸ™‚ Meaning to say regardless he wants whoever he is eating to choose what they wanted to eat.

That’s what he said.. but anyway as long as the food is awesome and I have great company then that definitely means it’s a great dinner

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