Me and Nuns.

I used to do all sorts of stuff when I was a kid.

all sorts of stupid stuff that you could do inside the house. I was not really allowed to go out of my house when I was a kid I was all School, Ballet Classes, Piano Lessons and back home. The same routine every single day. We moved houses a lot so I moved schools a lot too. But the routine remained the same. But there was one  case before where I got expelled .This was during primary school, The school I used to go to was a all-girls school that was managed by nuns. ( Hey I don’t have anything against them.) so we had this activity wheer all the girls were assigned to clean the whole school and we have to bring cleaning materials along, While we were given the task me and my classmate decided to figure out how will we clean the area (we were 7 years old that time, I’m not really sure I knew house hold chores already ).We then decided to just dump all of the cleaning gunk in one area then figure out how to clean it from there. But the Nun who was assigned to look over our class ( Sister Julie)  saw us dump the whole gunk of cleaning solution and got mad.


She then approached us looking like she could tear out little body parts apart and feed them to the dogs…and because I got so scared I ended up pushing her to the utility cabinet ( which is pretty big) and closed the door, not knowing that the lock is only from the outside and she had no way of opening the door from the inside., After closing the door we ran for our little lives back then.  The Nun did not die..she got out of the area after 4 hours with the help of the maintenance guy of the school, and they called my Mum and Dad in and told them about what happened. Turns out that the poor nun had a horrible time screaming inside the cabinet. ( as far as i know she did not lose her mind.) So yeah I got scolded big time after the whole incident and had to move to a different school for the rest of the school year. They eventually accepted me back the following school year but I pleaded not to go back for fear of the nun.hahaahah.I mean it’s absolutely different when you go to a school where the teachers are nuns and every other adult you see inside the school premises are nuns..and imagine a school that was all creepy with lots of old walls and huge fields with no one walking and a play ground that was as silent as death.(the thought of the school still gives me the chills) I’m not really sure if that Nun has somehow banished my mere existence from her mind but I could just imagine how freaked and mad she was inside for the whole 4 hours that he was there..


Sister Julie I’m still sorry 🙂 (PPEEEEAACCCCEE>>>) but yeah you still scared the wits out of every little girl in school before including me.

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