So you really want balut eh????

So I got so many questions about balut..(that delicacy made out of soon to be born duck chicks)

Yes its made out of duck….duck fetus to be exact and it looks a something like this:

Yeah… like that?????? ———–ugh I could cry….

I was never really  a fan of this delicacy although  lot of people eat it.They said it makes your knees stronger (for sex) or something and its some sort of aphrodisiac,( if you know greatly about these things tell me, I’d be keen to know) but think about the cute little ducks they could turn to and how Peking duck tastes awesome….wont that look more you know enticing to eat rather than a deformed duckling???

wont you rather see them cute like this or

see them like this????

People have this habit of looking for weird stuff and eating it,think of ox balls,pork brain, farm rats, crickets, lamb eyes, and so on. the taste maybe delightful but the presentation is not.( My Mum cooks great food, but it just does not look like food at times) but that is different, so let me know of your thoughts on these things ….and if your stomach is enough to muster this 🙂

11 thoughts on “So you really want balut eh????

    1. Neither can I, I was holding one the other day and I ended up crying over the little cooked duck.. I honestly thought I was to eat a hard boiled egg, Imagine the horror when I saw the eyes

    1. Exactly!!!!- and yeah people here enjoy it.. I just never really liked it.. 😦 Its a cry to stop eating them underdeveloped ducklings (some sort of)

  1. am i the only one who has tried this? its not as disgusting as it seems, sure its a practicaly aborted duck but with a dab of salt and a little bit of vinigar its a treat/

  2. That was disturbing. Not even sure I’ll be able to look at scrambled eggs the same again. Quite disturbing and disgusting looking. That is one meal I can deal without trying.

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