Warning this will freak the shit of you out…. (like really)

I have been getting all this crazy comments from my workmates about the whole balut thing. But the thing of it is I have never thought of eating a almost-formed creature when I know that it looks almost like what it should.(supposedly till they cooked it.)

People do eat the most bizarre things.Like they give the blood of the snake or a barbecued lizard to those who suffer from asthma, But the next thing I learned was the most spine chilling thing I saw, next to buffalo head was “Fetus Soup”. One of my trainees told me the story which I did not believe at first, But when I saw the pictures and the articles I wanted to throw up and cry.

            That right there is so disturbing.

People in China consider this as a delicacy and it will cost roughly around $4000 per bowl of soup. They said this was all “highly therapeutic” and stuff but still you are eating a fucking fetus!!! a fetus is a human being (almost)!!! why would you eat something of your own kind!!!! From what I read it says that “THIS IS HOW CHINA CONTROLS THEIR GROWING POPULATION”. Fuck! If this is how they do it then I’d be damned.

I know they have the 2 child policy and stuff but who in the world gave anyone else any right to eat another human being??? They say that the logic will be same to the question “why do you eat beef”??? most of these poor angels that are being eaten are the female ones since they prefer to have male children rather than female children. In the Chinese culture the man is more favoured. I’m thankful my family never thought of you know selling me or something. When I first saw these pictures Its like I could see the little baby crying while they are being cooked and prepared, They either sell the babies or bury them alive if they are females. This is a testimony of how twisted our minds are. I seriously hope this is only a mere invention of the imagination but from the looks of it it’s not. I’m not really sure how their souls could stand looking at this and even eating the little babies….

These are the days when I have nothing else to say but God have mercy. 😦

6 thoughts on “Warning this will freak the shit of you out…. (like really)

  1. An animal is an animal, I am not agreeing this is wrong nor am I agreeing this is right. You are righting saying no one has the right to eat it’s own kind but, why do we not treat animals the same? Does anyone have the right to kill anything living?

  2. Do you hear yourselves, people? How could you do this to these babies. As God said, every child has the right to leave. Who are you to destroy them. Its too much. Selling one of your kind for food for money?!? Female and male are made equal, REMEMBER… Chinese government, avoid these stuff. Don’t eat one of you kind. Take act. For people who does these stuff, I have 3 words to tell you…Go to hell!!!

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