Help….I think I’m going to have a heart attack thanks to the BB

So I was thinking…I got myself a BB to combine work and fun things together but for some odd reasons this device feels like it is going to eat me alive!.. For a moment I have already enjoyed the luxury of using this device for calling and sending messages with ease (except for driving)  however when it comes to social networks and the like I kinda want to throw the thing to the wall…and not just that but for some reason when I want the thing to work it just shuts itself on me…

Omg…OMFG… I need help on this….Like seriously.

So I registered for several services included in my data plan however for some more odd reasons it takes a long time before I could even use it.And the online services suck like crazy.I mean maybe its just me (and the telecom providers in the P.I) but the browsing is extremely slow and I mean slow like shit. But do not get me wrong I love love how the BB looks like and how functional it is but if you not that kind of tech-geek well it could just eat you alive. It almost ate me alive…..I won’t pretend man im not so good with these stuff… But you know what ironically I need to learn how gadgets like these fully function since its my job to teach them how these things work.

Another thing that got me a bit annoyed is that if you (work for some company who also uses BB) more likely than not every person on your BB messenger list is from the workplace; which means one thing (you are ready to be called on any given hour on any given day to report to work and follow what the boss says) I know I have.  But regardless of those facts the BB could be super reliable when it comes to push messages and emails. I never had an issue with sending a direct email using the BB– but if you plan to use the excel form uh think again.

So currently in my head and my hands it’s a love-hate relationship between me and the BB. I have been thinking of exchanging it for either an Android or a Iphone4  ( as soon as the price decreases,,,man that shit is expensive!) but im still weighing the pro’s and the con’s of this desicion.ahhhhhhhh…..

My Dear BB if only you were much more easier…see your manual is as difficult to understand as well and besides.I wanted you in a zebra print cover..and I can’t find one…

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