Are You OK???

now, because I’m awkward I quite often experience moments like the “Hover”, its basically when you are trying to comfort somebody but you don’t know if its appropriate or not to touch them so you just kind of awkwardly “Hover” your hand around there back. And give them kinda “air-pats” on the back, I guess. Sometimes when I’m pushing the creep o -factor, I even pat them on the head! Don’t do that! I don’t recommend it really confuses people and makes Ahhhh!! But basically, these awkward moments I’m happy to experience over and over again because its’ incredibly important to let people know you care. Now, today, is R U Okay Day.

And its a day that encourages you to talk to people who you know, friends, family, work colleagues, people you got to school with anybody you really and just ask them “How they going”, ask them “Are they okay?” People tend to hid how their feeling, probably because they want to avoid moments like this: “Hovering” (did you just pat me on the head, like a dog?) Just. But its important not to let these people deal with the problems themselves, small problems can grow into big ones, or seem like big ones.

 Every year in the Philippines up to 65,000 people try to take there own lives. And basically, R U Okay Day is trying to get you to connect with all the people around you and let them know that they are not alone. And that there are people who care. I mean, lets face it, what’s the worst that can happen? (wow, this is kinda like the time you ate my food when I wasn’t in the room, don’t touch my head again.) (yah, no, no, no, that’s cool, alright!) But on the upside, you might of helped out somebody you cared about. So today’s post  is my awkward way of asking you to embrace the awkward. (do you wanna hug it out) (no). And let the people who you care about know that there is somebody to talk to just in case.

 I hope you guys are all well,

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