I went through 6 years of primary school, 4 years of middle school, and 4 years of College (well if you want to include nursery and kindergarten then that would be a whole different count) so that’s a total of 14 years of  what society calls “Standard Education”. But the thing that I find absolutely interesting is this.. Do we really need everything that we learn in school?? like really…. I mean when did Senior Capstone in Psychology have anything to do with cooking?? When did sociology have anything to do with taking care of a hamster? or a fish to be preciseBut don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that were not supposed to go to school, Because if I didn’t im pretty sure I  would be illiterate on a lot of things I mean I wont be able to read or write, Or defend myself with the use of sarcasm.(kidding) and I definately won’t be able to learn a few of life’s lessons here and there in school.In pre-school I wouldn’t know how be sincere in so many things if my classmate was not a special child who needed so much care and attention, In grade school I wouldn’t know the meaning of fear if I was not expelled because I pushed a nun teacher  into the maintenance closet, In middle school I wouldn’t truly know the meaning of friendship and how important it is for a person. As well as the meaning of diligence,moreover I was introduced to Alcohol,Smoking,Sex and all the other fun stuff a teen does. In College it was a whole different ball game I needed to learn how to manage my time well for both work and school, I also needed to learn to work my way around things, I was slowly being immersed to the real world.At first I thought that it sucks but eventually I learned to accept it, But still when did the subject of biology have anything to do with learning how to write and drive?

I hated Algebra, Trigonometry and Physics, Numbers made my head twirl.During the mid terms It made me sick it even gave me nightmares of a number trying to eat me alive. I only liked a few subjects like science and P.E (Physical Education) everything else I had something to say on. (But hey I kinda excelled in school even if  I was not a  big fan of the subjects). They say that  school is a big factor on how you become molded as a person I’m not totally sure that applies to everyone.

I guess it truly depends on how one forsees school or how one is introduced to it. Whats important is for one not to substitute SENSE for STUPIDITY. But as we go on in our lives we all have a bit of learning here and there and a little growing up to do every single day. Like what they say that we will prolly never graduate from the school of life but at least we learn a bit knick knack here and there.

But thank God I no longer have to do those horrific formula to find the equivalent of x|y raised to the 3rd power.

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