I was addicted for a while,But I think I still am

So i have not been making posts for a while, I have been pre-occupied by a few things oe of which includes  this game that has got me so hooked I literally play while taking a shower. Ithik a whole lot of people has been addicted to this game simply because it kinda amusing.

So the logic is that you have to create a defense strategy for your home to prevent the zombies from getting to your house to wat your brains.(Yes YOUR BRAINS) and your line of defense consists of a smiling sunflower,some pea shooters, big-eyed nuts and a couple other funny looking plants and mushrooms just to name some. I dont know why but this game is so addicting, I started playing early i the morning and before I knew it, It was already past dinner time and I still couldn’t stop playing.

I was able to finish the game, And I stopped (kinda) so  that I could go back nd focus on the more important things, However I still feel the urge to jump in from of my desktop in some hidden corner and play till I let time pass. I have good control on myself but this is one of the few good things I indulge myself into and I couldn’t just stop, Its not that easy you know.

So to those who created this game,you guys are AMAZING you all got me hooked…. for a while there..



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