We are the lot of unfair creatures

We were always given a choice it was only a matter which or what to pick, However this is where indecisiveness comes in. With whatever we pick there will always be a consequence or there will always be a following action to whatever you choose, the outcome could be either beneficial or destructive depending on how you take on things.

We all have this habit of finding that loophole to blame when we fail to pick the better option, We would always with no doubt find a reason why it should not be how it’s supposed to be (talk about finding a sense of explanation). And if things go wrong we blame the universe and everything that conspires it, not realizing that this is an outcome of the initial action that we have decided upon. The universe has nothing to do with your mind’s decision, The universe simply acts upon what we have decided to do.

I was never good in making choices. I was always the one who rushed into things and would only wait for the consequences to arrive, It may have something to do with age however I always was as carefree as the wind.Not considering the effects it may bring. In my world it was always “que sera” . But as time passes by and things within my world change the perspectives that I have about change continues to grow,It would sometime be wonderful or disastrous.

May it be with work,life ,love or my relationship to people and everyone i consider a part of my “universe” I never ran out of choices, I am at times foolish enough to let myself believe that I have no other options. Because I do, it’s just sometimes I choose not to see it. Sometimes everything is indeed easier said than done, but as long as I continue to be me and moving on to evolve myself into a better person then I guess at the end of the day it will still be ok.

Everyone has their own perspective of things and how choices are sent to their place, But like what Patrick said “If  it’s not alright, It’s not the end”

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