New Year and some sort of other stuff the word “Chicky” and some other blah

It’s the 3rd of January of the new year, I’m sitting with my brothers watching 500 days of summer at 1:02am in the morning. I wonder how everyone else spent celebrating the big NYE. As far I know I was stuck along with 52 other workmates in our work space still doing BAU. The only difference I was that the queue on the phones was higher than usual.And the day ended just like any other normal day too, I guess the only special thing there was is the fireworks that lasted for more or less 45 mins.( hey everyone is saving money you know,so the lesser fireworks the lesser money spent). The first day of the new year was not so different too, I got a lousy cab driver to get me home,who by the way complained like a bitch about everything.

So I then decided to clean my room. I was able to accomplish it, however I had to leave my clothes on the side because I no longer have any space for them in my existing wardrobe closet,(eventually when my place gets done I will make sure  I get a walk in closet.a big one!!!!) So that I would not have any problems fitting my clothes and shoes in one area where I would not misplace them.,,,Anyway so much for me and dilemma for space. During dinner with the brothers they started to incorporate the whole word “chicky” in every chance they get, and I mean very freakin” chance they get..para lang masabi yung word siguro.sooooo CHICKY!!!  Another thing that was strikingly odd was the email I have received a little after NYE,It was from Alex and what he said in the email was ” As much as I love another,I realized I love myself more” …….What in the world are you supposed to answer that with???? I tried to make my damn NYE resolutions (which I know half won’t be accomplished) and one of those would be working on my sarcasm.

But Alex wtf was that?That was an asshole statement for a guy who never proved how love crosses boundaries,What can you expect then from people who worry too much about the things that do not really matter as much as their own lives.

Maybe I was just unlucky in these things,or maybe I just have wrong choices, that I somehow tried to believe that my expectations would turn into reality.

But hey no one has got it all right? The year is young and the days will fly by fast who knows what sorts of stuff I will be getting into.

Happy New Year


Alex grow-up dude. I’m not an idiot you know.


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