Amusement Parks and How giddy your inner child gets…

I was finally able to go to Enchanted Kingdom, After 15 years from the time it was made I was able to get in and finally have the right to tell everyone “yo,I finally got there!” , Yes it may seem as odd not because I have never gone to an amusement park before, But because after so many failed attempts to go to that wonderland of a place I never got to..Till now

We left the house on a bright and sunny Tuesday morning,(By the way thank you Daddy Dewey for letting me go on leave πŸ™‚ ),before we left we had to pick up Allan from his unit..he was still asleep and had second thoughts of joining the trip. But then again he joined anyway,

The moment the crew arrived the first ride we took was the ummm……. ok I totally forgot what It was called. All it does is pull you up 40 feet up and drop you to the ground.

The idea of dropping from a 40 feet height was sick. But absolutely fun, But dropping that high at 12 noon was a bit painful on the skin, We then moved to “Anchors Away”Β  a big some sort of a ship that rocks back and forth.

After the Anchors Away ride we moved straight to the Jungle Log Jam, The only bad thing there was that the water looks like it came from the sewer.. And it stank but nonetheless, It was still fun

Then you had the Midway Boardwalk, (My Favourite Area!) it was the perfect vintage wall street πŸ™‚ They had little vintage boutiques, Vintage signs even a fake bakery with vintage bread.(In short old and moldy.)

There were a bunch of other rides and attractions, I was dead tired by the time we left the park, I didn’tΒ have enough energy to walk back to the car so I had to drag myself, But I have no other words than the word “FUN”, until nowΒ whenever I think about that trip I get allΒ giddy and happy. I was like a 10-year-oldΒ kid wanting to go to all the rides and try all the fun stuff and walk around non stop, And the fact that I had my buddies with me was a plus.It made it a whole lot more fun, For that day I could say that I slept like a baby, And for once I truly truly felt amazingly contented and happy. This trip is for the books.

Thank you my Kuya’s for bringing my ass to Enchanted Kingdom and to Brian who drove back and forth,and still managed to eat bulalo on the way home. I’m still in the trip to scream and raise my hand up high and let all my blood shoot up to my head.

It’s really nice to go back to being a kid once in a while. πŸ™‚

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