The “Happy Valentines Honey” pressure is on

For quite some time now I have always been having the “Valentine’s Day” pressure from my circle. I don’t really get the point in general however, I get the humor that is enclosed in it.

It just simply means ” Get a  LOVE life Bitch!” or better yet let me give you the real message.. “Get a STRAIGHT Guy Bitch!”

There,…. but even if you all are a bunch of meanies I still Love you all 🙂

Like what I always say, Maybe having a partner is amazing but maybe not everyone needs one after all, So I already pretty much assume that I won’t get a date this valentines day, But I’m fine with that.

On that day I’d just say Happy Valentines!! if you’re not with anyone ……PRETEND you are im sure it wouldn’t be as bad at all.

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