I love all creatures furry and fluffy…cats included,

Very recently I am dying to have a new pet cat, But everyone at home disapproves of this Β maybe because for some reason they were never fans of cats,

But seriously what is there not to like about these little fuzzballs??? Well they may not be as playful as a dog but they have their own ways of being just as adorable.

And they know how to give themselves a bath>>> although they use their own saliva, but they know what hygiene is! πŸ™‚

And besides if you want to give them a bath,It would be fine..contrary to popular belief cats are NOT scared of water, well maybe the way we give them a bath but they are not really terrified with water.

And just like dogs they can sense if theirΒ human isn’t feeling well or is sad, They know the perfect time to cuddle up and try to be with theirΒ human. Although they do feel the exact opposite towards us which is ” I OWN YOU” and that they mostly use their time sleeping,

They still make equally adorable and lovable pets….

My goodness now I really want another cat. ^_^

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