Mangoes and The thrill of working,, (oh not so much)

So for the past few weeks I have been feeling some sort of resentment towards a few people including myself,I guess this was brought by a few instances that I am totally not sure of doing, or if I really wanted to continue doing it.
I love my job, I love doing what im doing which is good, It’s just that because there is an obvious gap in directions I am starting to forget why I was here in the first place.
Maybe I couldn’t leave because I love the people I work with, But sometimes that will not be enough,the fulfillment isn’t there because I don’t feel the growth,I know that things take time to progress, you just have to watch it grow, But its been a full year and It’s like we really didn’t inch up. And that includes me,(not like I’m ever going to grow Β any taller anymore anyway)
Its like I was dealt with a setback here.

I still hope that things do change,
But as long as things are the way it is, Then I think its time for me to move on and look for a different company to work with. (Hey the support team here clearly says that we are Overworked,Underpaid), So for the moment I settle by eating huge amounts of mangoes, I mean they are easy to eat you just cut off the cheeks, and throw out the seeds. But yeah, maybe this happens when you’re things seem inevitable on your end,although I know that things still have the possibility of changing, I mean I still have some sort of hope for whatever remains of this company and the number of hours for enslavement, I just hope that it will pay off in the future,
So I guess till then I have to settle for eating Mangoes till I start to get sick of it. Or better yet I better start looking for cartoon character halves or everyone I see, Like one of the big bosses here looks exactly like Peter (family guy) and one of the reps here looks like stuwie, Literally, And to my surprise it was very very amusing πŸ™‚

you should try itΒ  once in a while πŸ™‚

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