Do you follow your own advice???

It’s a really cold Friday night (Saturday Morning to be exact actually)

And as I was talking to my ever so awesomely prolific Boss, a question popped out of nowhere that made have second thoughts, the question was: “Do you follow your own advice?” I wasn’t sure if this was work related or in general, but either way it applies to both: He also said “why not let them learn on their own, on their own risk?” – Well yeah, I think that would be perfectly fine if you had perfectly normal set of friends. But even so if I let that friend of mine wander on without any word of advice or a point of view from a different perspective what are the chances that they won’t climb up a 20-storey building and jump to their deaths??, or what about suddenly running in the middle of a speeding highway or train and wait for their little bodies to be mangled and crushed??,If I gave an advice to skin your enemy and turn their skins into a mask, would you do it?? what would happen to me then??? How would I function after they do that? but then again even if I give my piece of the puzzle, It’s still possible for them to do the same,..Ok this is getting morbid.

But as a child growing up I was always used to getting scolded rather than getting advises, I guess I only started getting actual advises during the start of my adolescent years, And it did affect the way I decide on things and the way I act, (Although I am still a kid).it also changed the way I understood things, Over the years I have learned that there are only 2 kinds of emotions, The good and the bad, it just that people interpret it in different ways, Our feelings are a feedback mechanism of where we are, if we are going off course or on course. And this is also affected by the people who are around us, if you are feeling something that you are not sure of or not used to, by nature you seek answers or some sort of point way to which direction or decision you should take and we rely on hints from objects or personas around us.The question there is if we indeed get a hint or an answer, would the person of where the answer originated from also follow the same thing he/she said?? I mean are they saying things that would really benefit that person or is that answer simply applicable for his/her current situation only? – The thing there is that no one can really answer that. You can only share your piece of the pie and hope that all goes well, if it does not – well at least you both learn something new, everyone needs a little learning everyday anyway. It shouldn’t be a measurement of what kind of friend you are with the weight of your advice, It would still be up to them to decide and whatever advice you give should really be a stand point of how they live, because its their lives.. not yours not mine, As with the “own risk “ part, it’s either you listen and think it through or be completely irrational and just act. (that does not hurt sometimes) We all lead different lives and the things that we do is somehow a reflection of what and who we are, We control our own thoughts because the fact there is more than enough in this world and we can just create it to the way we want it.

<< : Yes I Agree, just take a nap.

So to answer: Do I follow my own advice??

Love – NO

Work Practices – Sometimes

Habits – Most of the time

Everything Else – Not quite

                                                                            If you lost all hope would you jump in front of a train – HELL NO.

 I know advises changes things, but never ever  assume that giving one is playing the role of “GOD”, I mean if you really can’t make up your mind, Get a glass of water and TAKE A NAP.



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