She now belongs to heaven. ( for Lola Luming Part1 )

It was a thursday morning when I got the news, And I believe pretty much everyone is not interested to hear something most especially if its news of something either really sad or really depressing in nature. But then again who cares anyway.

Lola Luming died of cardiac arrest  at the very blessed age of 77, Just exactly the age that she wanted it to be,I have to be very honest that I have quite a few regrets on this simply because I have placed my work first. Work was my top priority next to family and friends, Yes it was wrong but I wanted to make sure that I could prove myself of my worth.

I got the news via twitter by my second dad Tito Stanley, And the second I found out the news I immediately called to find my way to her remains. So what if I haven’t slept yet, what went through my mind is the question “Why?” and “Why so sudden” I mean I just spoke to her a couple of weeks ago before leaving and we were even supposed to go out on a date. So on my way to the wake I was in a cab and the entire time I have nothing else but tears.(Until I figured out that I was uhmmm lost) So I called  another Tita of mine (Tita Heidi) and the first sentence i got was (Why Only NOW???) yes in direct context she was all kinda pissed but still loving and of course I had to explain my side of the case as to why. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by Tito Stan at the door of Lola’s chapel, And I couldn’t look at her. I didn’t have the courage to look over her coffin. Maybe because I didn’t want to shed more tears after the cab,I guess I was trying to maintain composure even If I obviously did not have any at that time, And one by one my the other members of my second family started to arrive, And those cousins of mine (practically everyone actually ) only had one comment when they saw me… (ang taba mo!) well yes I did gain 22 lbs in excess of my regular weight, But yeah I did change in width.(Yes I will go on a diet and go back to YOGA).On my first night during the wake I was asked to say a few words about lola, And I never realized how hard it would be to even talk or say some words in front of everyone. I would love to think that no matter how good you are in speaking to a crowd, When it comes to things involving people who you care about and who has been part of your life everything changes. The whole time i was stuttering and crying and laughing from time to time like I was a mad bitch or something. But one thing I was very very sure of when I said it that Lola has taught me and has shown me how a family should be. And no matter how imperfect your family may be as long as you are all together that’s all that matters.

In my 21years of existence I owe 13 years of that to Lola and to my second family.

I used to remember lola telling me that I need to make sure to take good care of my legs. ( she probably assumed that I would grow to a height of at least 5’4 or higher like my other Tita’s , unfortunately I have stopped growing to a height of 4’10, Maybe lola should have considered my gene line) And all  those nights that I would fall asleep while she was telling me stories about things in life that I should and would expect and what I should do in case that time comes.She was a great person who had nothing else but the thought of trying to do good for others,Probably to the point of forgetting herself. At the very least it was good that she has lived a full life, has accomplished pretty much everything she wanted in life

But just like what Tito Meng said in time we will see you in Heaven, till then we will go on with our lives and keep your memory with us as we go along, I hope you watch over all of us Lola.


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