Please whisper a prayer to the big guy up there (For Lola Luming Part 2)

The funeral is over, Lola was laid to rest on a bright and sunny day, all the family members were there as well as friends who loved her and people whose lives were changed by her were there too,I can vividly remember the air suddenly growing really strong overshadowing the heat from the burning  Sun,that gust of wind blew around everyone it’s as if Lola was somehow hugging everyone.During the one of Lola’s service Pastor Raymond said something about what we should expect in life,that we are here to prepare for separation from this world in time for our reunion with the dear creator and our loved ones who have moved on to the next life,
I’m not really sure how it all works out, However eventually in time I will figure out,we will all figure it out.But till then the journey for everyone else continues.I’m pretty sure Lola has seen what was going on during her wake, how many people have sent her flowers (which by the way filled the whole chapel till the hallway to the next chapel, which ment she got a whole lot of flowers!), The words that were said by her dear children and grandchildren whom I all love dearly and the number of people who passed to pay their last respects. Of her 77 years she has worked her whole heart out to her passion, Something that she sought and continued till the day she died. She has always loved children,She always had the heart for them no matter where they came from,no matter how they were her mission was to teach them things that matter in life and teach them about the Lord.My Tita Let also told me to find my passion,find what I really really want, to not just get into things and just give it 20% but to find that one thing that I will give my 100% to she was right, Just like how Lola would say it.All that Lola Luming had in her heart are the good things that she wanted to share,She was no doubt a wonderful mother,grandmother, friend, companion and everything else.(It’s just the cooking part I’m not sure of 🙂 )
While peeking into her coffin for one last look,(for the record I have always been terrified of coffins and I had to be convinced by Tita Heidi to take a look at Lola one last time,and drag kuya JR along if I was scared) My mind went blank, just literally blank.Its like all my thoughts have suddenly evaporated and all I had left was THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE.

After she was laid to rest we had lots of balloons (purple balloons!) that was released to the sky during that bright sunny morning,While the balloons rose up in the air going to a direction that no one really knows, I remember another part of Tito Meng’s eulogy,that Lola no longer needs prayers,because she is happy with our creator, It’s us who were left here that need prayers on how we would continue our lives.
So Lola while you’re rockin up the skies,Please whisper a prayer to the Big Guy up there for all of us here we really need it.And yes we miss you dearly.
P.S If you happen to bump by Dad up there please tell him his little girl misses him too.

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