Weak is the word for the Week

My hands still hurts, my body still woozy and my head still feeling faint. I kinda figured maybe this is the best time for me to take a break and just do a quick get away. The past weeks have been terribly agonizing and tiring and it just kinda boiled down to the things that go on and off-hand, The question there is now is that if I should or should no longer commit my obligations.(whatever they are now) .The shark tank recently gave me a melt down that I’m not so sure where to categorize, But one thing I know for sure is that its nothing too emotional, rather its more of the physical.

I never really have dizzy spells in the morning nor within the working period, but now I could hear the nerves on my head thump like nuts. And when you try to stand up everything is just so blurry for like the next 20 seconds. Its becoming to be extremely uncomfortable.

My physical weakness made me think more of how things should have gone. Or at least how should it go, But the perception that I have on these points as of the moment may probably be not as attainable or not as normal as it should or it should have been previously. Its like these aches and pains have somehow altered a fraction of what my decision making pattern was. Other than that I now could practically finish a whole full pack of cigarettes on a daily basis. I was never the chronic smoker not the frequent one, I only used to smoke because I kinda just needed something to take the after taste from the food or to relieve the stress. Now its like best partnered with coffee or orange juice especially when I step into the office…(FYI The Shark Tank)

I also had a few pretty amusing discoveries for the past weeks,  Like befriending guys who totally look like your ex flame isn’t so bad at all, They turn out pretty cool. And the idea of hooking up with an old flame isn’t really cool…. you’d probably end up a bit messed, kinda hurt in one way or another. One of those things that I pretty much assume no one really wants to feel. I mean who wants to feel engulfed in their weakness in one way or another, It’s like you can’t completely function because something or someone has change the normal balance of what your world revolves in.

(not unless you’re really messed up and you don’t want silence.)

And if you don’t want silence, Or if silence really does not favor you at all then I don’t have anything to say to you because I don’t  know the answer as well.

I’m on my way to being a cynic….but then again its like I’m more of the person who was walking backwards..


Those vertigo medications taste as aweful as liver….ughhhh




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