And they said to never sell yourself short

Most  recently I have had the most unpleasant experience with someone from work whom I am not totally sure if  he understand the meaning of “common sense” :

As far as I knew I only disliked a very little number of people at work. Now I am adding one more, but wait this one is beyond the write up for the books…. Among the things I hate is when you put a lot of thoughts and effort on something then have it twisted up by someone else who does not know what they are doing. (goodness and I mean so) And the bad part there is that you even get the blame.

Why did God make peanut brains???

ughhhhh….. I could just scream.

So yeah, thank you very much for making me very underappreciated evenmore.go ahead and try to play smart lets see if you can go up to par as I did. (yes I can be as arrogant as I want to. This is mine by the way so i do anything I want here) So id like to tell you I’m impressed, I’ve never met such a small mind inside such a big head before.

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