And yet I needed to work

I have been out for the past 3 days, been down with the flu and fever and yet even after so much bed rest and soup and all other stuff  I either needed to eat or to drink I have done  I still feel awful.

For some reason I could no longer stay still standing up for at least 2 mins without feeling wobbly, I can’t even stay wearing those 4 inch heels I wear almost everyday. So I went to the doctor (at least attempted to)  and I wasnt able to complete it simply because the moment I have arrived, he already left his clinic even if I already told him that I was already on my way to the appointment. Is it just me or I kinda think that doctors are sometimes biased to the fact that even if you have an appointment they still kinda leave if they think you’re not that sick. ( so i kinda hate them just a lil bit )

But with  the past days that I was away I got my dose of tv ( and I mean I didn’t do anything but watch tv, and sleep..)  I think I watched lilo and stitch for like 3 times and the blind side for at least 4 times. I mean there wasnt anything that good to watch anyway, I really don’t remember if at some point I became a couch potato before now. So I have realized the being sick and being a loser who relies heavily on the internet isnt that much fun, And because of that regardless if I almost can’t breathe I will still go to work.(not because I want to but because I am somehow forced to.)

Might as well put a bandage in my head and tell it to stop crackin’…..

One thing i hate about being sick is that I can’t hug my little kiddies… I mean I remember Justin screaming “noooooo…dooooont touch meeee!!!! aaahhhh”  and while screaming he was running towards the sink washing his hands and rubbing sanitizer on his arms…I mean he isn’t going to die of a hug and I need one right now dammit!!! But then again I kinda risked the kid of having the same illness.

But someone pretty pretty please give me a hug,,, I really need one…and yes I have a dreaded disease with me.. deal with it…

– Y

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