That little monster

I heard someone say that if you can’t be yourself you’ll burst at some point.

Keeping a mask on does not work well enough that sometimes you have to end up catching your own leaks.

Just this week I had the most uncomfortable encounter with denial. It’s that little monster that I have been trying to suppress. But it’s just so difficult, that little monster keeps on following me…So I had to do something about it.

The little monster told me to do the following:

  • Keep it to yourself
  • Pretend that it does not exist
  • Tell yourself that “its all in the effin mind”
  • Keep it to yourself even more

But of course being frantic little me, I did just as what the little monster told me to, But the good thing there was I got to figure out that that little monster is right at times, then again most of the time wrong so its up to you to measure it out…. (If you have enough brain juice to use….) I follwed the “keep it to yourself” and just added the “think about the action very carefully first, and then decide on what to take”. The outcome was that of something pleasant and I can assure everyone that my brain still works just as the same as how it did on other days.

 Denial being stated as that little monster, Lives In all of us, regardless of whatever type of being or creature you are, it manifests in your decisions, the way you talk, the way you bring yourself, I mean its not all that destructive however given the moment that it sees an opportunity to work its way in, then you are in grave danger….. BEWARE….but really in comparison to being neurotic (which measures up around 50% of my total being ,the other half is a cut between being a cynic and being sarcastic.) denial is something you can control, I have to say I am definitely in no position to be a life coach or such because I more likely than not end up giving that person more thoughts to trouble on rather than to shed some hope and light for them to see… soooo… they might end up killing themselves instead.(not my fault then.) But what im trying to say is that some things you control, on your own free will, and some just takes it own course based on your own actions and thoughts and all that other good and bad stuff…



Like what im saying….its just me… (Eat you brains out.)


With love,


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