love is still out there..

Two things that you cannot change….

The course of life and just how things can become a little after the great change has already taken its course in such.

In my 21 years of living  I have learned along the way that things do not happen just because they have to but because sometimes the universe conspires the change to occur. It’s like you can never get away from those “forces of nature’. You can consider those changes to be either made by the force of nature or maybe the sequence of how life becomes. but then again at the end of the day  you are still quite  big factor in how you would like the change to interfere with things.

A while ago a friend of mine told me that he has finally proposed to the love of his life. And while I not knowing who the partner was didn’t mind at all but I was beyond ecstatic. He wanted to prove to the rest of the world that love being a sacrifice on its own still exists in this world, That certain types of sacrifices needs to be done in order for the  bigger picture to step in. And the moment that you overcome those obstacles that comes with the sacrifices that you take the reward is absolutely worth it.He had to endure a 7 year (and still going strong) relationship that was on a long distance basis. Imagine the difficulty of having your worlds separated by distance.I remember him saying that ” I wanted to prove that long distance relationships are still possible, and that love can still exist even if you have to be very far away from the one you love, He always said that the feeling with her is different…And the moment a man can distinguish the difference then they know that she is the one. I wish them happiness for the rest of thier lives

I have always believed that love isn’t ment for everyone, same goes for romance. That some people would simply just continue on with their lives not really considering the prior and the latter to step in to their lives, Yes there will be the casual hook-ups and late night calls, and even uber late night *** calls ( im doing the restrictions for now because I have just found out someone was reading my blog who was under aged.. but then again the restrictions might only be for this topic alone,,,for the rest of it I don’t really give a damn.) but then again these things that I believe in can change on any given time. The  moment something happens that can change the way I look at things. In a few weeks I am once again turning a year older and if I look back on the things that I have done on the past 12 months since my last birthday I think I d qualify as one of those women who grew up too fast too soon… and that thinks that everything else Is a drag. Too fast because I had to take things up and engulf them as my own and too soon because I never got to experience the feeling of total freedom of taking things as they are. ( I think same goes for my choice of men) but eventually all things come to the better.

My dearest Tito Stan and Tita Let are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary soon. And I could clearly see that even after 20 years they still continue walking holding hands, giving good morning kisses and still feeling the love that was there. Its kinda inspiring to see how dedicated they are. I have to say that I am extremely lucky to still witness such and to think that they treat me like their own daughter as well. Both my friend and my Tito and Tita are testimonies that I need to still see that love is still out there somewhere and that it still exists in some forms I guess…



— Y 

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