Katt’s 15th birthday trip

For Katt’s 15th birthday, the family decided that we all should go to Baguio,(well Tita Let decided that over dinner and they all complied, according to Katt) so we got our bags packed and drove all the way to Baguio it was more or less a 6 hour drive ,including all the stop overs, Tito Stan drove one car and Josh drove the other.

The Fam wagon stayed at the Manor which was located in Camp John Hay, for Day 1 we ended the day with Katt’s birthday dinner at Dencio’s and all agreed that we all had to wake up early to be able to go around Baguio.. The inital agreement was to wake up at 10am….we all woke up late and ended up leaving for the first destination at 2pm. The first stop was to the Strawberry Fields, where almost everything was made out of strawberry… Strawberry Taho, Ice Cream, Jam, Puree…. name it its all made out of Strawberry. The next stop was to the Flower Farm where the family discovered that Justin has a great eye for photos and that he can take really good pictures. Then we dropped by Burnham Park where we had more food.

The last stop was to dinner, unfortunately almost all the dinner spots close before 9pm. Maybe because we all got used to places closing by midnight in the city. We all ended up having dinner in the hotel instead. 

For day 3, just before heading back to Manila the day started with Target shooting, Zip line and rapelling… I didnt anticipate the rapelling and the zipline so I think I was wearing the wrong kind of outfit. I just realized that zipline+dresses dont go together… I totally think that Justin has a knack for guns.. i think…

After lunch we then all headed to Mines View Park, Where you see….food..food.food. and a whole bunch of St. Bernards. Nothing too special.

I guess the best part of the trip was that the Fam wagon got to spend time together away from the city, And eat together at the same time most of all be able to shop at the same time as well, And above all else celebrate another year of Katt’s life as a growing young lady,  

Happy Birthday Katt

– Y

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