Love yourself

The right person will Love you for who you are, as you are. No change needed. No extra parts wanted. Nothing to be taken away, they will just Love you for you.Can we have the courage to let this kind of love in? Do we feel as if we are worth it? Many have written in saying – NO – to this statement. We don’t have the courage to let someone love us this way because we do not have the courage to love ourselves this way.

Love your love handles, love your tallness, love your shortness, love your flaws, love your imperfections, love your quarks, love your hair, love your no hair, love your pimples, love your creases, love your everything.It may not seem realistic to you, but this is the way you are Loved You are worthy of this kind of love, from yourself and from others.It’s scary to let ourselves be loved this way because we have to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding us back. We have to step into a new awareness of ourselves and face the pain of growth.


It’s worth it.

Radically loving ourselves means accepting only the best and leaving behind the rest. Not because we are selfish or judgmental, but because we have become discerning enough to know what and who is good for us and what and who isn’t.

Sometimes its really just about loving ourselves completely first…


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