Noooo im, not scared…really…..

I was looking for blanc noir images on the web the other day and I came across this website, my stomach churned but I died with curiosity…

Its a big puzzle how the normal cycle of life still produces its own version of abnormalities, the ones that you never even think exsisted, All of these former living creatures may be considered a taboo or even some sort of a premotion by the devil or any other earthbound being, But the truth is that its only a bad mix of genes.. or maybe its Gods own version of saying ” yeah this is wrong , not everything is to turn out perfect anyway”

I found these images on James Mundie’s website,

here’s an excerpt from his Cabinet of Curiosities gallery

” Taken as a whole, this body of work is a tribute to those who endured unfortunate medical conditions but allowed their experience to serve as means to understand the causes of their afflictions and help physicians to discover the means by which future generations might be delivered from that misery.”

As I was going through the rest of the gallery I couldn’t help but think how did they live?? how did they even survive??  But apparently most of the speciments did not even last for 24 hours, some of them born lifeless, They never even got to see the light of day,

                                                                     Conjoined Twins – 2 heads one  body

  Cyclopia, a birth defect that results in a single enlarged eye and other facial abnormalities.


                                                         Harlequin Itcythosis –  Skin Abnormality

                                                      Serenomalia – Both legs are joined looking like a tail

These images came from these locations :

Universiteitsmuseum Groningen

Musée Dupuytren

MutterMuseum Philadephia

Museum Vrolik,
Academic Medical Center,
Universiteit van Amsterdam

All of these institutions are dedicated to the study of medical evolution and human anatomy.. My tummy still hurls at these images, But James was right they were instuments for us to be aware of the abnormalities that could happen and what prevention or cure can come with it,

Enjoy,,, and yes you kinda missed a crumb of cookie in your shirt….


– Y

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