Bite ME

The older I get the less I care about what anybody thinks.


Bite me…Hmmm…what a concept.  I don’t know if anybody else has noticed themselves starting to let go of other people’s opinions more as they get older, or have noticed that you’re beginning to get your feelings hurt less by things people say, but I for one, definitely have.  I have to say, it’s very liberating to let stuff roll off your back, too.  I definitely think it’s a sign of getting older and mellowing out, because this is something that I’ve only experienced recently.  Even two or three years ago, I would’ve let the dumbest thing someone said ruin my day, or I would have gotten really upset about something that I had no control over.  Lately, I’ve learned that you gotta just roll with the punches, and if somebody has an opinion about something, let them have it. I doesn’t change anything, it’s just an opinion after all…

If you’re with me on this sentiment, why do you think we stop caring about this stuff as much when we get older?  Now, at this stage in my life, I just kind of feel like saying…(hint: read below.)

Has anybody ever had a friend like the pushy broad as demonstrated in the picture above?  I have, and I think we all have at one time or another.  I will say that I’ve had my share of friends throughout my life, and I am proud to say that most of them are still really good friends.  I’ve realized that the best of friends are the ones that understand you, listen, are happy for you when you are happy, build you back up when you are down, and the kind who don’t judge you…(<–Oh, and the ones who will honestly tell you if your butt looks fat in something.)  I was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night (classy taste in television, right?), and I heard Kyle say something to Taylor like, “If people are in your life because you haven’t been speaking up to them, it’s time to clean house.”  Along with the “bite me,” this is also a very freeing notion.  I think this is actually a great point, and can be applied to any relational situation, friendships included.  I really don’t know how I went off on a tangent about friendship, but to sum it up, I think that sometimes, even with friends, you have to unfortunately “clean house,” and I think that’s okay.  It’s just a matter of growing up.  It doesn’t have to mean that you have any hostility toward that person, or that at some point you weren’t really great friends, it just means that sometimes people change.  It’s sad, but I think it’s a part of life…And getting older.

I guess this is just something that I’ve realized recently…<–Hence the name of this post.

And I guess sometimes you just have to say que sera sera…

And other times you might have to say…Bite me.


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