My FairyTale

We all have our own fairytales. These things different from the ones that we have read since we were little kids. Stories that we look up to and dream of. To some their fairytale would be finding “the one” for others it would be building up their dreams to reality and for others it’s a combinatiuon of both.

We as individuals of our own rights have our own stories that has come to life. And since we are creatures who is created to be by nature polygamous and uncontented as soon as one story builds a point another one comes to life.

My personal fairytale would be having the best selection of shoes. All the kinds that I could ever dream of

It could also be meeting and falling in love with some random individual by the beaches of bali. Or maybe getting a romantic kiss while there is an  ongoing fireworks display and I really don’t care where that would be or who it would be with.

You get what I mean right?? We have our own little fairytale scenes that wewish would happen and as soon as it would we would wish for another one. We will never get contented. Never

We build dreams, experience broken heartedness..feel guilt,love,anger,frustration,fulfilment and all of the other emotion that can be factors to whatever daydreams that we have. Most of these are not so hard to accomplish that is if you give it a try. Or find a way to make it happen.

My current fairytale is to travel. I will travel to different places, I have already started early last year. Ive gone to different places in the Philippine Islands, Climbed and conquered different mountains, (and everytime I do it always feels like the first time) Gone to different hidden locations and have gone crazy. This year I will elevate it, This time its to places outside of my current residence. And yes I am travelling cheap. So by the time im fully established I can always look back at this fairytale that I have made into reality.


So my plans to do this are as follows.

  1. Get my job
  2. Get more projects where I can earn more decently
  3. Get my contacts together, Back on track!
  4. Be Persistent! Just keep on trying.


And once I have met my goal. Indulge to my heart’s content.

  • Rinse and Repeat

This is the way I want to create my fairytales. I may not have much but I am willing to try. All I need now is for the universe to work with me.( pretty please dear universe work with me, make this happen with me) . I am a very,very impatient person. I admit and I go crazy if I do not see any progress, well sometimes its half my fault I must admit but it was a drag and I just want to see things progress and move.

( In a very high pitched tone**** PPLLLLEEAASEEE MOOOVEEE) I am so excited for the plans I could pee on my shorts! (yes that was quite disgusiting I shall say but what the heck)  As I am writing this I have been sending  messages to my contacts hoping they can somehow help out with the project. Im sending out the message I just need people to heed them reach out their hands.


Come on Princess you can do it!

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