South beach oh lala

So  because I went crazy on eating ( and mind you I am a stress and emotional eater ) I have decided to go on a diet for health reasons as well.

Thank you to Ms Leung for convincing me eating healthy is waaaay better


So since a week and a half ago I stopped eating rice and carbs and switched to salad and fish and chicken ( chicken breasts) and If im going to eat anything fried its cooked with olive oil.

When I need protien its all eggs and chicken and fish. So far I have noticed my mood swings shot the most of me. Aside from that when I see my workamtes eat. I kinda get jealous because I cant eat the same stuff. God I miss spam!  and all the other crappy food I love. Id cheat with a few pieces of chips may around 5-8 pcs and thats it id flush it off with water.

I have not weighed myself yet but somehow I saw that my little double chin kinda lost some of its friends, so maybe that a good sign. Aside from that Im also taking a fraction of the master cleanse mix to my food. Im not sure if that a great combo but I work and I need energy to focus So I dont stop my food intake instead its all substituted.

My workmates have encouraged me to continue with the diet and I get like 100% support even more, although I still get teased so often. I cant wait to see the results on week 2 of march I dont really have the crazy cravings anymore for food and I guess its a good thing,

oooh lala wish me luck 🙂

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