Art Pulse Chronicles : Robby Singh

As a child I was never the artistic type, Id like to think that I was but in reality I was always half-baked.. I recall attempting to do drawings for my Dad and Lola and the only thing that I could draw was an ant out of circles and Id tell them that It was a princess of sorts… YES I WAS THAT ODD..

But enough of that, i just started the Shoe Porn Chronicles, Now let me introduce you to the Art Pulse Chronicles, this time by Robby Singh, also a good friend of mine well technically he will be my SPERM DONOR. I even had his 2×2 photo labeled with a profile.

Robby by nature had a pen in his hand when he was born, If others would say a golden spoon id probably say he had a Titanium Pen on his hand. want to understand what I mean,

Like what you see??

Yeah I know you do…

Want to get a piece of Art…. or maybe a piece of him too ( teeheee )

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