I used to say things like, ” I f I had a choice i do it all, everything..again..”

Words like that do not have any meaning. only just the spur of the moment asking you to say something to try to save whatever it is you are about to lose or whatever you just lost.

Its usually the words that would come after I love you or I cant be with you……

We all have choices, Its never true for us to say that we do not have a choice because we do… Its only a matter of choosing the lesser evil.

We often have problems deciding because we do not know how to contain our emotions, we dont really know how to deal with things that greatly affect our emotions…Β Sometimes people are trapped in blind love, going through the continued despair of not experiencing reciprocation of their dedication well maybe not just in love but in any other case where we get trapped in our emotions.

The only worst part that could happen is if the other will not or could not understand. Then its another hard phase on asking how you get over things

Im not about to give any advise how to get through Β these things I cant do that…At some point whoever you are,whatever you do you will go through these things again and again up until you learn, Does not matter if it turns bad or good it will always be up to you to choose the lesser of 2 evils.

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