The Rant Muse

Is: In the middle of getting things together, scattering it and getting it back together again 🙂

Likes: Apple Smirnoff and Vodka, The beach and the sand. the stars.
Hates: Liver and beet juice

Wants to be:  The first person to find the elusive Unicorn and the best looking cabbage patch kid

So therefore: There really won’t be any difference between what you read and how I really am

And she warns you that: Any content that is here is intended to be here and I do not give an F***  🙂

– Y


5 thoughts on “The Rant Muse

  1. I cannot imagine somebody we both know doing anything like this. She is an alleged cyberphobe, you know? LOL
    Anyway, I enjoyed this. Thanks a bunch

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