This is for you

In case in the future you get to read this, know that I wrote this for you.

Do you still recall the day that you left?

That day that you walked out for good. I still do, It always seems to be as fresh as if it just happened yesterday, I have to admit that compared to anything else in this lifetime that it was the most painful experience in my life. Far more than all the other unfortunate things

People usually measure pain in the scale of 1-10 and in the hospital 10 being highest means that there is nothing greater than it. And when you left you were my 10 in the scale. In my years of living there has been so many situations where I can clearly say that pain is painful, but bearable and no matter what I knew that ill be ok in time. Unfortunately the fact that you were a 10 means this was beyond the definition of pain that I knew, it transcended from being just emotional to something beyond mental and physical.

So how did you become the 10?

It was simple, I never allowed myself to be as close to the truth as i did with you and Ironically you left me because of the “truth”

You left me when I didn’t have anything. I was broke, had no job, had a hard time finding a job that would “suit” the preferred lifestyle that you can be proud of, had issues from the past , had to deal with family that was falling apart, couldn’t fit in a specific “mold “that i had to be in, at same time in a dress size i couldn’t achieve.

I hated myself. I couldn’t even grieve or let it all out because I was so spent in everything. I was more of a mess than I ever was – sleepless nights, sudden unreasonable bursts of tears, a developed fear of certain spaces, and spacing out occasionally because I keep on telling myself why couldn’t I just be normal. And to make up for it I flash that smile and let out contagious laughter in front of everyone so that it covers up everything and no one has a clue where my head was at that moment. Hate to say it but I kinda went back to that place of pretending.

I took it to my head that I have to start seeing people who was a messed up as I am with the hopes that maybe they would accept me, only to figure out that I couldn’t do it because I turned into this narcissistic judgemental bitch who overvalued herself. And so i quit the idea of seeing people because I haven’t forgiven myself and of course there was a trail of blood involved. I projected everything I didn’t want into reality. And so what I did next was everything possible it thought was going to  teach me how to value and love myself.

I travelled every chance I could to everywhere I can go, took retreats, took classes, tried to learn new skills, but i also stopped. Because by doing all of these it only enabled me to further cover up the things i didn’t want to deal with or remember. Its not that I have not moved on, I just have not recovered from it.

On your birthday last year I wanted to throw you a party, one where I wont be in, I tried asking for help from everyone even your closest friends, they all looked at me with pity or stayed quiet as if i did not exist. but that wasn’t what I wanted, they just did not understand why I needed to do it. And from there the feeling of rejection grew even more.  But It did not stop there, There were still the days when your sister would message me, or when I was finally denied of being able to speak to the boys. and of course there is also the case of me being blocked by your mother and everyone else just like that.  At this point I can hear you say “ why are you forcing yourself to us?”  And I have this to answer back, If I was then you would see me everywhere and I would constantly try to reach you and I never did that not even once.

You should have just murdered me.- but then again you already did anyway (just not physically.)

It took me several attempts to write this and every single time I would I had to redo it over and over again. Because the words could never seem to be enough, and i know for a fact that this could be the closest thing possible to me being able to say this all out loud. My most recent trip made me force myself to finish this. Because I retraced the steps we took when you first brought me to your hometown, I went to every place I could remember in the city in hopes of me being able to pick pieces of myself up – in case i lost some of it there. We all cant face our fears if we don’t go through it and quite obviously my idea of fear has become you.

I know it was never easy to be with me or love me, and I know how you struggled to at least try to work things out. And I’m very thankful, All of this was not your fault we were both just not ment to finish the story. We both just didn’t know how to handle each other or deal with each other’s issues to the point that it just broke us even further from each other. I know that despite all the madness you loved me, and it was the most beautiful thing I have experienced. Because you are that one great love that I will know all my life. I still love you on the days you were kind and on the days that you are unrecognizable to me – that has never changed 

I will never wish you ill or harm, But I wish you all the love that you can have, and all the understanding of how the world is. That there are people who isn’t as fortunate as you are and that its not our job to change people but it is our job to help them be better. And no matter how much disappointments or hurt we both have cost each other I hope that in the end at back of your head you would still remember the days that we understood how love was and what really mattered. I have so many stories I want to tell you, so many things I want to share like my dog who turned one! My life will never be the same and Im happy that you came along all this happened for a reason, Thank you for being that catalyst.

I will always love you. and you will always have the biggest piece of my heart. 

True Love is letting go

It’s okay to let go.

True Love is letting go. Freedom and free will are the by-products of Love.

So many of us lead our lives holding on so tightly that nothing new, nothing miraculous can find us.

We have been taught for a very long time that holding on is what makes us strong, is what Love is made of and is the best answer.

But we are stepping into a new paradigm. We are stepping into a time where growth and Love lead the way. This means we are constantly changing, evolving, dying and being reborn.What must come first is our own spiritual growth. This means listening to our intuition, trusting our gut and expressing ourselves authentically without hiding.

Holding on to a broken relationship stunts our growth. You don’t get points for how much you suffer. “What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears?”

Our relationships have been sent to teach us, to mold us and to shape us. When we seek Love, The Universe sends us all kinds of relationships that bring to the surface all the blocks we have to Love.

We must learn to identify when the lesson is over. Relationships are containers for growth, not opportunities to suffer so we can prove how much we “love” someone. And a relationship isn’t full if both people aren’t in self-love and then sharing their love with each other from a place of overflow.

Some people are sent to us for quick lessons, some are sent to us for seasonal lessons and some are sent to us for a lesson we are to be taught over a lifetime.

Let us not try to learn and purify ourselves outside of Love, but instead invoke Love in our lives and recognize that the Love of The Uni-verse IS the purifier and the teacher. The face of Love may change, but the energy of Love of The Uni-verse never changes.

Let us no longer try to prove our Love by how much we can hold on to toxic situations and people, but rather by how much we are willing to let go once the lesson has been learned. There is no rulebook for this principle. This is something we must each learn individually and grow into.

The setup so that we have free will to choose to connect to Love, or not. We must give ourselves this freedom as well as all the people in our lives.

For Love does not seek to control, but rather gives freedom.

P.s  Thank you charles for the picture its lovely