Point of Reasoning.

So I was thinking,what if everything you did wrong in your life could be right in a blink of an eye?

What if everything that you said wrong could be changed?
What if every wrong action would be put into good?

What’s going to happen then? How will our perspectives change?
How will we be like?

How could our lives be like if some changes never happened? If some words were never said,if some lies had not covered up truths. In every life lived there will always be one path made to cover another,We all have our ideal worlds we’d love to live in, Worlds that revolve around Money,Fame and Power,Worlds that revolve only around society, and those kinds of stuff.
I honestly have never fully understood how the human mind works, Although I have studied it I have still found it hard to understand things from what they are. You could diagnose and give a pathway of thoughts but it does not really give you an actual answer, it mearly points to a highly possible direction and or point out the cause but never be able to predict the actual outcome.
Its like hypothetical bullshit.
But just does not sound or look like it.
Quite amusing actually,then it just drives you crazy
Just the same way as how easily some friends could exchange you for new ones in a snap. I guess maybe sometimes we just do things simply because we just wanted to be heard, or maybe we have a message we just couldn’t get through,then all the sudden the action turns into something that was highly misinterpreted. Then everything else just bursts out of control.Then all of the sudden you’re left alone,just alone because in their minds you are made of evil.(Or something like that nature). I think this is part of the growing up thing.,and if this is then Its a rocky one.I just hope that everything changes to the way it was ment to go.

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